Gary Eagan & his Long Distance Rally Bikes

Link to some detail pics

The new '01 ST4 Long Distance Rally Bike, almost ready for the Ironbutt

Does this guy look confident or what?

Virgin Bike '00 @ Spring Openhouse - Salt Lake Motorsports, Salt Lake City, Utah

De-virginated '00 bike @ the Salt Lake Motorsports parking lot, Salt Lake City, Utah

Guess where. Gary really downplayed the length of his endurance runs.

It's show 'n Tell Time.

These pics aren't too sharp, but then again, neither am I.

They were taken in about l969. While going to college, I got a part time job

with an advertising agency and they conned me into dressing up like the

DeeBurger Clown, an epicly popular figure in Utah at that time, and touring

the various Dee Restaurants to celebrate the clown's birthday. This was

before McDonald's became hugely successful, and the DeeBurger Clow was as

popular in Utah as Ronald McDonald would ever be.


My VW bus bit the dust a day or so before, and this Harley was my only

transportation. It caused a stir all over Salt Lake, as I couldn't resist

cruising the entire town before heading off the do my clown thing. Kids all

over town were going whack when I rode by. Adults nearly drove off the road.


The DeeBurger Clown was on his Harley out to rape & pillage. Marlon Brando

was a wimp. Hollister was a safe haven compared to the havoc "The Clown" was

going to drop on Salt lake City. I had the Wild Ones surrounded. Out

numbered, Out nastied.


When I showed up at the restaurant to do my PR task, the establishment's

manager went nuts. Didn't like the image. DeeBurger Clown on a Harley (even

a tiny little scrambler) wasn't what he had in mind. After about 4 hours, he

fired me. But I did get to take one of the waitresses , called Dee Dollys,

home with me. Ad agency wouldn't pay me, but I didn't mind.


Long live the 60's.


Anyone have a clue what model Harley this was. I bought it from my roommate

for about $500. He needed beer & skiing money.