"Then I felt like some watcher of the skies when a new planet swims into his ken."
-- John Keats


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The ArcBuilder Universe...It's a new time for the Human race, a time when our technology has begun to catch up with our ambitions.  Mankind has reached his hand out to the stars, and inward to his own being.  We have united our own Solar System, and established interstellar commonwealths, empires, and federations.  And through it all we have the ArcWays, ancient devices left on a hundred known worlds which allow travel between the stars with as much ease as stepping from one room to another.  Yet we are trespassers to the ArcWays, and the only thing more frightening than the return of the ArcBuilders are the return of those who drove them away one hundred thousand years ago....last updated June 26, 2004
The Leaves of Autumn...Welcome to the fantasy writing effort called The Leaves of Autumn, placed upon the world EadaŽ.   Evil is stirring as once again the Blood of Autumn strives to bring the world under its own brand of order, while the forces of the Mother must try to once and for all end the threat.  Join the list, help in the creation process of this setting, or just watch and enjoy the formation of a world of magic and beauty!...last updated May 5, 2004
Miraculum Antiquitus...Dedicated to all things prehistoric, be it geology, biology, anthropology, or virtually any other applicable field....Last updated December 16, 2003
The Book of Life...Life on our planet is as varied as it is abundant.  These pages attempt to not only demonstrate that, but to provide an overview of how all of this life is related to one another....Last updated December 28, 2003
Prehistoric Notecards...What kind of animals roamed the Earth in its past?  What were certain places like?  What events shaped our planet's history?  The purpose of this section of Explorations is to provide a quick reference to various items, references which will be properly documented.  This comes courtesy of the DinosaursEtc. Mailing List (see Mailing Lists below), and hopefully will show itself to be useful...Page pending
Worlds Beyond...
They do exist beyond the reaches of our solar system -- other worlds, entire planets waiting to be explored, and more are being discovered every month...
Last updated December 15, 2003
Mysteries, Myths, and the Unknown...Nothing is more compelling than the unknown, and despite our relatively advanced knowledge of the universe, we are still confronted with things that, on the face of it, make no sense.  We will explore those things here, but any conclusions that you draw are your own....Last updated December 15, 2003
The Ties That Bind...Nothing is more important than family...Last updated December 15,  2003
Mailing Lists...I have a few mailing lists set up, their subjects really not suited to a web page, or there simply not being enough material available for a web page.  Hey, I only have so much time!...Last updated April 28,  2004
Usage Permissions...A list of images and sources used throughout this site that I have been given permission to use.  Remember, if you see something here that is yours and I haven't gotten your permission, let me  know!  I will either remove it, or endeavor to return to your good graces by asking for permission!  The 'Net is a big place, and a lot of images, etc. that I find and use do not have information on their origins, and so I typically regard them as being under a fair use policy until I hear otherwise.  Always being updated.
References...Sources of information used throughout this website.  Always being updated.
Banner Page...A very few sites that I really like, who have their own banners, and are deserving of advertisement.  Check it out!  And remember, as time goes on and more sites get added, the uploading time might take a while, especially if you have dial up...Last updated April 28,  2004


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