Basaltic Type

As the name implies, Basaltic asteroids are those with a surface that has been covered with lava flows, overflowing perhaps an olivine subsurface.  Presumably such activity occurred in the distant past, during the formation of the solar system.  If so, then this would indicate that large Basaltic bodies are essentially aborted embryos, planetesimals that began to form and underwent the same processes that formed larger terrestrial worlds.  Smaller Basaltic bodies are presumably chips and chunks that have been blown off of the larger bodies by major impacts over the eons.

Regardless, Basaltic asteroids are among the rarest of the Class, and are typically found in small populations.  Their uses are largely limited to construction materials and outposts.

Basaltic bodies tend to be somewhat dark, but hints of their composition can be found through spectroscopic observations, rather than from visual investigation.

Quick Facts

Uses:  Basaltics are not highly sought after, due to the fact that they are so rare, and the comparative mineral wealth contained in them is much less than other Asteroidal Types.



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