CryoJovian Type

CryoJovians form much like other Jovian worlds, but their initial positions in the distant reaches of a solar system give them something of a disadvantage.  Being unable to accrue matter as swiftly as closer Jovians, their masses typically do not grow very great.

The core of these worlds is composed of ice and rock, typically about one Earth mass.  This is surrounded by a mantle of a mixture of molten rock, water, methane, and ammonia, equaling 10 to 15 Earth masses.  Great electrical currents generated within this region tend to produce the planet's magnetic field, which wanders slowly on a geological timescale.  Often, this field is offset from the axial rotation of the planet as well, producing some truly unique magnetic field lines.  The remainder of the planet is made up of an envelop of molecular hydrogen, helium, and methane, equal to roughly 1 to 2 Earth masses.  It is this methane which tends to give these worlds their blue coloring, although other CryoJovians may be varied in color.

Since CryoJovians produce far more internal heat than what they receive from their suns, their internal weather patterns can indeed be quite dynamic.  Even those worlds covered by a homogeneous blue-green haze have incredible winds and continent sized storms in their sub-layers.

Many CryoJovians are very similar in appearance.

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