LithicGelidian Type

Located in the outer regions of a solar system, these are the typical rock and ice worlds that make up the bulk of many solar systems, either in the form of moons or planets.  Like their smaller cousins, the Mimean or Rhean Type worlds, these planets have ample surface features that indicate a large amount of geologic activity in their ancient pasts, as well as some activity that may be on going in the present.

However, since these worlds tend to have a larger mass than those smaller relatives, even with such a high content of ice over rock, this activity can be much more pronounced, as can the results.  Many of these worlds possess atmospheres, slowly but constantly being replenished by internal activity even as the methane and nitrogen that so often make them up are being lost to space.  Atmospheric haze, even clouds can form if the atmospheres are substantial enough.  Great rift valleys cut across the surfaces, and cryovolcanoes can dot the landscape.

This activity is powered by a wide variety of factors, ranging from tidal stresses to the slow cooling of their often times small but present metallic cores.

A great tectonic trench spreads across the ancient, frozen surface of this world.

A frozen world of water ice.  Great mountains point to a geologically active past.

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