B., John:  What can I say?  This guy has helped me in more ways than I can list.  A lot of his suggestions have been incorporated into various aspects of the setting, not the least of which include the classic ArcWay configuration and the workings of the Ya'N engine.

Bowers, Steve:  Steve has been very instrumental in some of the latter development of the Planetary Classification List (versions 3.0 and above), including some new planet Types, as well as tweaking of pre-existing types.

R., Jamie:  When I was attempting to create a time line for the setting so detailed that it might as well have been a novel in and of itself, Jamie was right there to give me some help in those areas that were less than realistic, from a hard science point of view.  The fact that none of these things appears in the time line right now is irrelevant;  all of his suggestions have survived, and have been incorporated into the setting.

Wilson, Jefferson:  Here is another person who has rendered great help with my time line.  And again, much of this old version has not made it onto the web site.  Nonetheless, his suggestions remain firm and a part of the setting.


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