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Want to find information on a piece of the ArcBuilder Universe?  Here it is!  Here and there terms will crop up that will be taken for granted as being understood by the reader.  But if you do not understand any of these terms, then there will be an available link leading to the Omnicon.  However, not every term is going to have a hyperlink back to this glossary, so you may have to go here and find it for yourself.  Ah, research....  Also, if you come across a term and it does not have an Omnicon entry, then please email me and let me know.  I'll add it as soon as possible.  Last updated January 16, 2004

It's a new time for the Human race, a time when our technology has begun to catch up with our ambitions.  Mankind has reached his hand out to the stars, and inward to his own being.  We have united our own Solar System, and established interstellar commonwealths, empires, and federations.  And through it all we have the ArcWays, ancient devices left on a hundred worlds which allow instantaneous communication between the stars, forming the framework which supports civilization.  Yet we are trespassers to the ArcWays, using them without truly understanding them, and the only thing more frightening than the prospect of the return of the ArcBuilders is the return of those who drove the Builders away uncounted ages ago....

The ArcBuilder Universe is an ongoing exercise in world building, creative writing, artwork, and futurism.  Began in the late 1980's as a collaborative effort between myself and my girlfriend (who has since become my wife), the project eventually evolved to its current point, where creativity and hard science are being brought together in an attempt to forge something remarkable, memorable, and unique.

What's New

June 26, 2004

  • Prepared the way for a new Sapients page.  However, most of the initial work is going to be performed off-site, and the initial project will be dealing with the ArcBuilders themselves.  Once I get something preliminary but passable, I will post it.

  • The Planetary Classification List is officially version 3.2!  As many of you have seen, it has been given a complete face-lift, and many new images.  Further revision in the 3.2 range will pretty much be limited to pre-existing entry modifications, the occasional new image, and a small number of completely new entries that are currently pending.

May 4, 2004

  • Still more work on the PCL.  I'm going a bit slower, though, trying to avoid burnout.

  • A brief tweak in the time line page.

May 2, 2004

  • The upgrades to the PCL continue.  For those who are curious, go ahead and peak here.  I have PCL entries through the Planetoidal Class bodies.  I'll be concentrating on Terrestrial worlds next.

May 1, 2004

  • Finished an upgrade to the PCL index page, as well as added several entries into it.  However, until this sweeping upgrade is finished for the entire PCL section, nothing will be available for viewing online.

April 29, 2004

  • The redesign of this page continues.

  • Establishment and initial entries into the Acknowledgments page.

  • Establishment and initial entries into the Relevant Links page.

  • Establishment of the Usage Permissions page.

  • A complete redesign of the Time Line page so that it fits into this new scheme for the web site.  A few slight textual tweaks were also made.

  • A redesign of the Worlds of the ArcBuilders Universe page.  It now matches the site at large.

  • For the time being, I've eliminated the Dramatis Personae page... pending some actual story writing and attendant characters.

April 28, 2004

  • A complete redesign of this page in an attempt to make the project look better, as well as to be more user-friendly.

A TimeLine of the ArcBuilder Universe
The story of the ArcBuilder Universe spans all of time.  From the Pre-Human Era, when alien races tread like forgotten gods across the cosmos, through the Early Man and  the Earthbound Eras, when Humans first appeared and began to tame their world.  But Mankind is restless, and the Expansionist Era saw him leave the bounds of the Earth.  Swift on the heels of these tremulous steps came the governmental experiments of the Commonwealth Era, the Hegemony Era, the Dominion, and finally the League of Worlds.  Beyond this, who can say?  Mankind still expands into the cosmos, where he will constantly find new revelations, new challenges, and new dangers.  Last updated May 4, 2004

Worlds of the ArcBuilders Universe
The colonization of the local neighborhood occurred, for the most part, in waves.  After the various planetary detection programs and the rough census of existing planets, plans were made for the Alpha Centauri Project, a Great Experiment destined to place Humans on the habitable planets of Alpha Centauri.  Following this, spread throughout the successive eras, were the Seven Colonies, the Thirteen Colonies, The Hegemony's Seed and Outer Colonies, the Dominion's gulag-styled Exile Colonies, and the League Colonies.  By the later half of the League, Space within 100 light years of Sol had become thick with Humanity.  Last updated April 29, 2004

Sapients of the ArcBuilders Universe
Life in the Galaxy turned out to be common.  where the conditions required for life were present (such as energy, water, and so forth), self-replicating, evolving creatures were inevitably found.  But for the most part, these turned out to be microbial forms, often no more complex than the simplest of single-celled life.  However, in some truly garden spots, worlds had become overrun with a multitude of species, large and complex, and which had created the Gaian Type setting out of their homeworld after billions of years of evolution.  and in just a few of these worlds, life had gone one step further, and had become self-aware.  Many more species had the potential to become so.  Just a few, such as the ArcBuilders and the Sivata, had traveled out to the stars.  With the arrival of Mankind and his stellar migration, great new clades of Humanity could be found, which in time would become separate species in and of themselves.  Pending

Dramatis Personae -- Historical Figures
From the distant past when the Sivata had colonized our world, to the present when men like Neil Armstrong helped us travel into space, to the future when great innovators like Alexander Dwrenwan gave us faster than light travel, there have always been people of note.  And not all of them have always been people to look up to.  Altair Jones, among the first and certainly the most dangerous of the Belt Pirates, Luther Potswaine-Harris, the last Superior Father of the corrupted New Church Hegemony Dominion, and others have all left their own indelible marks on the pages of history.  Page Pending

The Planetary Classification List -- Version 3.2
A long while ago, I found that it would be nice, if somewhat unrealistic, to have a system with which to classify the many worlds that my stories might visit.  The end result is the Planetary Classification List (PCL), which is almost always under revision, and has even found uses on other web sites and world building projects.  This current version is much simplified from the last, but will still hold a rich amount of detail.  Last updated June 26, 2004

The ArcBuilders Mailing List
I've started a Yahoo! Groups email list for the ArcBuilder Universe.  Feel free to join, even if you don't want to participate, but would rather just listen in on the creation process.  Traffic tends to be very light, but with a few good and willing members, occasionally we have a brief swarm of discussion that always has the potential to bring out some new and exciting aspect of this setting.  So join up today and be a part of the excitement! 

Those who have helped me, in one way or another, with this project.  It is almost impossible to list everyone who has contributed to the ArcBuilders, just as it is almost impossible to list just what contributions have been provided.  But I will do my best!  Remember, if you have brought something to this project, great or small, and you don't see your name here but you think it should be, email me and tell me!  I do not want anyone left out if at all possible. 
Last updated April 29, 2004

Relevant Links
At its heart, this is a world building project that is far more than just a base for our writing.  As such, there are plenty of sites out there that have a relationship the ArcBuilder Universe, be they programs, informational sites, or other world building projects.  If you know of any sites which would be useful here, please email me. 
Last updated April 29, 2004

Usage Permissions
While I am making it my goal to have everything on this site my own, there are plenty of times when it simply is not possible to use my own images, texts, or other items.  So, until I can get such things done myself, here is where you will find the proper credit for the proper items used.  If you ever come across something that you feel is not properly credited, or which should not be used, feel free to contact me.  I will take the appropriate steps immediately. 
Last updated April 29, 2004


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