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"Insane scribblings or a last desperate measure to keep knowledge alive long after they were gone, we will never know the true purpose and meaning of the Absalom hieroglyphics.  We may have already stared at the answer to all of our problems a thousand times, but we cannot read what the Angelics left behind.  We are eternally confounded and frustrated in the knowledge that we need a Rosetta Stone... and that there can never be one."
-- from Episode V: "Whispers in Stone"


The first edition cover.  (image copyright John M. Dollan)

Filmed almost entirely on location, on the planet Absalom, this VRD was the first to bring the Angelics into the homes of the Hegemony, and to make people aware that Mankind was not the first child of God.  Hailed as a landmark series, ranging from the discovery of Absalom and its labyrinths, to Lord Benthic's famous expeditions there, and through the many theories and postulations of various scientists, Borne of Time made people feel as if they had not only visited that planet but had come to know the Angelics themselves.  No great mysteries of these beings may have been solved by this series, but providing such a level of understanding was a fantastic achievement.

The VRD continues to be updated, usually once every three years, although special update editions are always available as new findings on Absalom are made.  However, the last major update was made in 3312 after the discovery of a new passageway, its walls inscribed with what were almost certainly star charts.  However, like the rest of the Angelic mystery, these charts remain untranslated.


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