Mysteries, Myths, and the Unknown

For the past tens of thousands of years, if not longer, our species has made a career out of trying to understand and learn about the universe in which we live in.  We've learned to control many aspects of nature, and we have begun to understand those portions that could never be controlled, but only gazed at in wonder and admiration, even fear.  But, as it is with any set of problems, there are always those bits that we cannot fathom, which continue to deny any sort of logical rationalization that we can come up with.  When that occurs, more often than not we fall back on mythology and tall tales to explain away the boogey men of the night, or the strange thumps in our empty attics.

What follows is a chronicle of those mysteries that continue to elude us, ranging from unknown creatures in the spots of wilderness that yet dot our planet, to the strange shades that must be the ghosts of long dead people, to odd sightings in the skies that many are willing to accept as proof of alien visitation.  By no means is any sort of solution or explanation offered here;  that isn't my purpose.  Rather, think of this as a catalogue of strange and mysterious events, with only the known facts of the encounters and sightings presented to you.  Beyond that, you can make your own conclusions.

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Aliens and UFO's:


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Ancient Civilizations:  


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Crop Circles:  


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Bermuda Triangle:    


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Ghosts and Other Spirits:  


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Maritime Mysteries:  


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