For my entire life, there has been nothing more important than family.  It has always been my thought that my family was the perfect family.  Dad would take us all into the mountains on family trips, Mom would cook us dinners and talk us through troubles, both with a degree of excellence unparalleled, my siblings were pains in the butt....  All of this has gone into forming a view of family that I have come to see as perfect.

Well, perhaps no family is perfect, and I readily admit that mine is not, my own preconceived notions aside.  But I can say that I have never wanted to be a part of any other family.  And now that I have my own family, I hope to foster the same feeling in my boys.

What follows are thoughts and concepts that I see in various members of my family, things they have taught me, and what we might accomplish together and apart, throughout our lives.  I'm sure that there won't be much interest in this if you aren't a Dollan, Tuell, Soiseth, or any other number of relations.  But I still invite and urge you to take a peek.  If nothing else, then perhaps you will gain an insight into what makes a family... a family.

Also, for those of you interested, there is a page of Pets Here (page pending).  Many people consider their pets to be a part of their family;  I certainly do, and probably to a much greater extent than most.


Dollan, Helen Sophia:  born uncertain:  Mom!  Y'know, I love my pending


copyright John M. Dollan Dollan, Jack Martin:  born uncertain, died December13, 2002:  My Dad.  A man of nature, of extraordinary kindness and wisdom, and the one who taught me pending


copyright John M. Dollan Dollan, John Martin:  Born April 17, 1970:  It's me!  What can I say, I'm not that interesting.  But even I should warrant a page or two, eh? pending



copyright John M. Dollan Dollan, Jackson Rhys:  Born November 15, 2001:  The second son of a set of two!  Long ago having earned the nickname of Peanut, he's a curious little boy who loves cars and explosions and TV shows with lots of action.  He's a boy! pending


Dollan, Liam Martin:  Born January 27, 2000:  Number One son, as my Dad used to say.  Stymied, we gave him the nickname "The Boy" not long after he was born, and in the following four years he has proven himself to be the ultimate little boy.  If it ain't dirt-covered, it ain't worth his time!  Don't let those baby blues fool you, this kid's a killer!...Last updated November 15, 2003


Dollan, Margo Lynn:  Born January 1, 1970:  My wife, best friend, and keeper.  Let me tell you, not everyone is lucky enough to own a John! pending


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