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The GX 55 is a tray compatible replacement for Apollo panel mounted Loran-C units.

Apollo GX55

Apollo GX55


The new Apollo GX55... the 'Plug and Play' replacement for all II Morrow panel-mount LORAN and Flybuddy GPS units. The GX55 has advanced GPS, sports a high resolution moving map display, and is TSO certified for enroute and terminal operations. Smart keys let you de-clutter or add waypoints, or edit flight plans with the touch of a button.

The best way to enhance situational awareness just got a lot clearer. The new Apollo GX55 features advanced GPS, certified performance and the best graphic moving map anywhere. A truly high resolution display delivers significantly higher resolution than other available units. The smart key interface lets you add or de-clutter waypoints, change scales, edit flight plans and more. If your are already an Apollo LORAN or Flybuddy owner, the picture just got better... the GX55 is pin compatible with your old unit, making installation a breeze. Even the antenna covers the same footprint of top-mounted LORAN antennas

Unit Features

  • Interface designed for plug-in replacement of II Morrow Loran-C products including 602, 604, 612, 618, and the Flybuddy 800 and 800+, and all Flybuddy GPS units.
  • Moving map with crisp, high-contrast text and graphics
  • High definition solid state electroluminescent display
  • Wide viewing angle (greater than 160 degree) and full sunlight readability
  • Automatic brightness control
  • Voltage requirements: 10 to 32.2 volts DC
  • Size: 2.0” x 6.25” wide by 10.5” deep

Nav Features

  • 30 flight plans of 20 waypoints each
  • 2,000 user waypoints created by lat/lon or radial/distance from reference waypoint
  • Nav displays:
    • Lat/Lon
    • Bearing and distance
    • Ground speed and track angle
    • Desired track and distance between waypoints
    • Cross track error with numeric and graphic CDI
    • Display of the "TO" waypoint ident
    • ETE and ETA to the "TO" and destination waypoint
    • Altitude (from GPS or altitude encoder/converter input) - serial data or gray code compatible
  • Database information includes:
    • Airports, including: idents, Lat/Lon, elevation, city/state, facility name, runway data with length and lighting, all published frequencies, and fuel availability
    • VORs/NDBs, including: ident, Lat/Lon, facility name, frequency
    • Intersections, including ident, and Lat/Lon
    • Special Use Airspace indicators including: US Class B and C, international CTAs and TMAs, MOAs, Restricted, Prohibited, Warning, Alert, Caution, Danger, and Training Areas
    • Automatic waypoint sequencing
    • Built-in simulator for trip planning and training
  • Real time clock (time and date) in UTC or local
  • Auto/manual magnetic variation settings
  • Direct-to NAV function
  • parallel track
  • Nearest waypoint search
  • Remote waypoint search
  • Alerts for loss of navigation data, arrival at waypoint, and special use airspace
  • TSO-C129 Class A2
  • User selectable units: GPS nav interfaces include: CDI left/right outputs, to/from flag output, valid flag output, warn and alert annunciator outputs, RS-232 serial input and output


$3,695.00 for new installation
$3,495 when replacing 600 and 800 series Lorans
$3,100 when replacing 820 GPS with existing antenna


Specifications subject to change without notice.

Copyright 1995-98 II Morrow, Inc.

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